Safety Valves for high operating pressures

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Brand: LESER
The LESER high pressure safety valves are full lift spring loaded safety valves which are used at high operating pressures (>= 40 bar/>= 580 psig), often in conjunction wiht high operating temperatures (>= 400ºC/>= 752ºF). The high pressure safety valves are designed to withstand these extreme service conditions through their robust construction, selection of materials, fit matching for the sliding parts, and the use of high temperature fittings.

Design Features
  • Valve body with brackets resp.ring grooves to provide fixing meansto help support the valve and reduce the effect of reaction forces
  • Torque free adjustment of set pressure with play-free flat needle roller bearing
  • Bull race disc with lift aid which is detachable for ease of maintenance
  • Discs with soft seals available up to 100 bar/1450 psig
  • Stellited, precision machined metal selaing surfaces
  •  Applications:
    Power stations and industrial 
    superheated steam generation 
     - Drums
     - Superheaters
     - Economisers
    Petrochemical industry   - Protection of reactors and columns
     - Natural gas extraction and processing
    Chemical plant   - Process protection (e.g. NH3 synthesis, CO2    extraction)
     - Protection of pump stations and high pressure water systems
     Compressors systems   - Protection of compressors with high pressures and capacities
    Desalination plants   - Full nozzle in special materials

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